Lawrence Kutner || Age: 30 || Ships: up to player || Diagnosis: up to player || FC: Kal Penn
Bio: up to player.
Not the smartest
Talks a lot
Hides his sadness

Stuck In Rehab MD
You think you’re sick? Well congrats, aren’t we all. You wanna get better? You might want to find some place else. No just kidding, you’re welcome here. Just don’t expect any help from me. Now don’t wait any longer and sign in, because I love new people who I can bully.
Dr. House is the main doctor in this rehab center, and as most of you know.. he’s not the nicest guy. Which can cause a lot of humor, drama and fun. This RP just opened and waiting for some awesome character, all face claims and OC’s can be accepted! If you sent in a good audition.
No get your ass over here.
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**this is a queue we’re not ignoring you