Lawrence Kutner || Age: 30 || Ships: up to player || Diagnosis: up to player || FC: Kal Penn || OPEN
Bio: Lawrence Kutner is a member of Dr. Gregory House’s medical diagnostic team. He is hired, along with doctors Remy Hadley and Chris Taub, after a performance based job interview that lasted several weeks. He is well known for his unconvential testing methods. Kutner is still a kid at heart, evidenced by the toys in his apartment and his fondness for magic tricks. He is of Indian roots, but is adopted by a white family when he was boy. His parents were shot dead during a store robbery when he was 6.
Now Kutner has found his place at the rehab center, along with the other doctors. He’s not thrilled to work there, but he likes the games of things. Figuring out what’s wrong with the patients and trying to help them as best he can. Besides he’s proud that he can work under Dr. House. Even if he fires him after a few weeks, or maybe it would look better on his record if he quit..